Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles

Black Shirt and Smoking Beagles is the biography of Wilfred Risdon, and it is the first book in a series that I intend to publish, which are either about Wilfred Risdon, or subjects related to his life and work - more details will be revealed about new titles when they are near to completion. Please check this page from time to time, and I hope you enjoy this first book in the series; both print and eBook versions are now available in these formats: PDF, ePub or Kindle.

Lawson Tait: A Biographical Study, By Wilfred Risdon

Lawson Tait: A Biographical Study is the biography of the Edinburgh born surgeon and antivivisectionist, Robert Lawson Tait, written by Wilfred Risdon, so the subject was very much related to the work of his later life. For the time being, this book will only be available as a PDF download, but if there is sufficient interest, it could be made available in the other download formats, and a print version.